Benefits of Investing in Pavo Tower

In a fabulous location in the middle of Downtown, in CBD, you will find Pavo Tower New Capital. It will get your attention with its luxurious exceptional design, distinguished location, and the provided services, which serve the whole New Capital. This was the goal of Mercon project to assist investors in their success.

Mercon project contains a variety of services that allow clients to work with all means of luxury. There are gyms equipped with modern equipment in Pavo Tower New Capital for sports lovers. The project was provided with electric generators to ensure business continuity and prevent any stoppage moment. Pavo Tower provides kids’ entertainment area supported by all kinds of entertainment and safety.

Pavo Tower… The Luxurious Taste

Micron project is unique with places designated for people with special needs. Pavo Tower units overlook a wonderful panoramic landscape due to the vast green spaces that are built around it to give comfort and tranquility to customers.

High-level meeting rooms were provided for businessmen and investors, in addition to halls for VIP visitors. There is a high-level security system and 24/7 guarding the tower to provide maximum security and all safety means.

The location of Pavo Tower is characterized by a unique view, as it overlooks the iconic tower and is close to the most famous landmarks of New Capital, such as the Green River; Therefore, it is the ideal opportunity for Arab and foreign investors.

Only few steps separate Pavo Tower New Capital from Al-Massa Hotel, the Ministries District, and the Government District. It is also located near the Bin Zayed axis, half an hour from the New Capital Airport, and a few minutes from the City of Arts and Culture.

The green spaces occupied the largest part in Mercon project out of 4,000 square meters; To provide a comfortable atmosphere for customers. Pavo Tower was designed on a world-class model according to international standards, from 13 floors. There are dedicated floors to the garage to prevent overcrowding and allow the mall visitors to stay within the tower with their cars without being worried.

Pavo Tower has different unit spaces starting from 30 square meters for administrative units, and 25 square meters for commercial units to serve all the different needs of the different customers.

Pavo Tower Prices

You can get your investment unit in Pavo Tower at the lowest price per square meter in the New Capital, compared to the services and advantages that you will receive, while providing the best payment methods, whether for the commercial or for administrative unit. Pavo Tower prices start from:

- 28,500 EGP for administrative units and offices, these units can serve the needs for entrepreneurs and start-ups. It’s also a good option for those who want to open a main or even a second headquarter.

- 62,500 EGP for commercial units, which can be used for restaurants, cafes and other different types of shops.

You can book your unit in Pavo Tower with a down payment starting from 10% and within a period of up to 10 years, with huge discounts in the launch period of up to 50%. All administrative units are delivered fully finished and with air conditioners, while commercial units are delivered with a core & shell system.