Most Important Things to Know About Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal

Getting a tattoo could be a great experience for some people but not all. Many people get tattoos but in later cases, they face many problems. Hence, before getting a tattoo one should always consult the doctor. A doctor would offer always better advice regarding the tattoo. In this blog, a reader will get to learn about many things about Laser Hair and Tattoo removal.

Laser hair removal is quite an incredible way to remove the access hairs. During the tattoo removal, the laser cannot distinguish between the ink or hair follicle.

How do doctors use Laser treatment to remove the tattoos?

Laser removal sends a concrete beam of light to the hair follicles. Hence it is quite advisable to consult a skin specialist before you go for nay.

When anyone gets tattooed, the ink seeps into the higher-level layers of the skin. Once the tattoo removal process begins, the laser shatters down all the ink particles that are embedded into the skin.

It is not mandatory to remove all the tattoo with laser, the area where ink is hardly visible or have been lightened that could be avoided. Various tattoos go under the "fade" procedure to partially remove the ink. Laser treatment utilizes the machine, that is configured as per the color to remove the tattoo. If in case the wavelength of the laser is not decided properly it can cause damaging effects.

After the few sittings of the laser treatment, the tattoo would eventually lighten and flush out all the ink particles. But it does not happen in one go and a person does require quite a few numbers of sittings.

Results do vary after Laser treatment

For many people, fewer sittings are required but for some more. It depends on the color of the tattoo and the skin tone that an individual has. Generally dark colors like red or black are quite easier to get rid of but colors like green and purple are hard to remove.

If the skin tone color is lighter, it would be quite easier to remove tattoos since more light could be absorbed. The laser targets the tattoo colors hence, in darker skin tones it becomes quite difficult to distinguish and it takes more time.

If anybody smokes, that it becomes quite harder to remove the tattoo because of different health effects. Also, it takes quite a long duration.

The laser tattoo removal process is not cheap

It is always recommended that people ensure that they get a tattoo that is going to stay for longer. Laser tattoo removal is quite expensive and sometimes more than what has been paid for the tattoo. More the colors in the tattoo, more the charges.

A huge discomfort after laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal involves the pre-treatment to make skin numb. Although it is quite a painless procedure. Various tattoo removal Sydney clinics help to destroy the ink particles. A laser beam is blasted to your tattoo that destroys the ink particles. As per different statistics, it does require a good number of sittings for completely removing the tattoo.

Laser hair removal process

Various people have begun to go for laser hair removal treatment. It targets the hair in the active growth area. The laser reacts with the hair on the skin surface that might cause some irritation. Hence an individual needs to ensure that hair trimming is done.

As per the statistics, the laser hair removal process is not that effective when it comes to full removal of hair since for many people it comes back. Based on the client, the laser hair removal procedure varies. There are quite a few alternatives available to hair removal.

Laser hair removal works for all skin types and tones. But if the hair color is quite dark it becomes easier to remove the hairs.


Before going for the hair removal treatment for tattoo removal, it is quite recommended to consult with a dermatologist. A dermatologist would help you to get a better understanding of the tattoo removal and hair removal process as per your skin type. Both of these are quite expensive and might cause side effects.